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Revision of Bylaws
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Further revisions underway as of Aug 2017

Address for Correspondence

Carl L von Baeyer, PhD
IASP SIG Pain in Childhood

Carl von Baeyer address



Term of office: All terms begin 1 Jan of the start year shown, and end 31 Dec of the end year shown

Executive Committee

  • President: Carl von Baeyer, PhD (Canada) (2015-2017)
  • Past-President: Gary A. Walco, PhD (USA) (2015-2017)
  • President-Elect: Ananda Fernandes, PhD (Portugal) (2015-2017)
  • Secretary: Lindsey Cohen, PhD (USA) (2015-2017)
    (Council position continues to 2020)
  • Treasurer: Deirdre Logan, PhD (USA) (2016-2017)
    (Council position continues to 2020)


  • Line Caes, PhD (United Kingdom) (2017-2021)
  • Marsha Campbell-Yeo, RN, PhD (Canada) (2015-2020) 
  • Maria Fitzgerald, PhD (United Kingdom) (2014-2019)
  • Stefan Friedrichsdorf, MD (USA) (2017-2021)
  • Christine Chambers, PhD (Canada) (2014-2019)
  • Ricardo Carbajal, MD (France) (2015-2020)

Liaison to IASP Council

  • Allen Finley, MD (Canada) (2017-2019)

Updated 17 Jul 2017

SIG Council July 2017

SIG Council, July 2017 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Left to right: Line Caes,
Marsha Campbell-Yeo, Gary Walco, Ananda Fernandes, Carl von Baeyer,
Stefan Friedrichsdorf
Maria Fitzgerald, Christine Chambers, Allen Finley (IASP Council liaison)
Missing from photo:
Ricardo Carbajal, Deirdre Logan, Lindsey Cohen

SIG Council, June 2015 (Seattle, USA)
Left to right: Mary Cardosa (IASP Council liaison), Christine Chambers, Ananda Fernandes, Carl von Baeyer, Lindsey Cohen, Deirdre Logan, Marsha Campbell-Yeo, Sunny Anand, Maria Fitzgerald, Gary Walco, Ricardo Carbajal
Missing: Christopher Eccleston

SIG Council 2013

SIG Council, June 2013 (Stockholm, Sweden)
Left to right: Gary Walco, Chantal Wood, Lonnie Zeltzer, Ruth Grunau, Carl von Baeyer, Celeste Johnston,
Maria Antonieta Flores Munoz, Ananda Fernandes
Missing: Chris Eccleston, Sunny Anand, Tiina Jaaniste


SIG Council March 2010

SIG Council, March 2010 (Acapulco, Mexico)
Front row, left to right: Maria Antonieta Flores Munoz, Lonnie Zeltzer, Gary Walco.
Back row, left to right: Ruth Grunau, Linda Franck, Chantal Wood, Chris Eccleston, Allen Finley, Carl von Baeyer.
Tiina Jaaniste, Sunny Anand, Ananda Fernandes.


SIG Council, June 2006 (Vancouver, Canada)
eft to right: Gary Walco, Lonnie Zeltzer, Carl von Baeyer,
Ricardo Carbajal, Linda Franck, Daniel Annequin, Allen Finley, Adrian Bosenberg

Missing: Chantal Wood, Gunnar Olsson


History of the IASP Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood 

The SIG was founded in 1990 at the IASP World Congress on Pain in Adelaide, Australia. 

The  International Symposium on Pediatric Pain conference series began in 1988 in Seattle. It became the SIG conference starting in 1991. The SIG played a prominent role in the IASP Global Year Against Pain in Children, 2005-2006 . Pediatric Pain Letter was transferred to the SIG in 2008.


Carl von Baeyer, Canada (2015-2017)
Gary Walco, USA (2012-2014)
Lonnie Zeltzer, USA (2008-2011)
Allen Finley, Canada (2005-2008)
Gunnar Olsson, Sweden (2002-2005)
Charles Berde, USA (1999-2002)
Eeva-Liisa Maunuksela, Finland (1996-1999)
Patricia McGrath, Canada (1993-1996)
Donald Tyler, USA (1990-1993)