mapshowing locations of SIG members Feb 2017
Special Interest Group on Pain in Childhood. Members around the world as of February 2017:
  • >50 members (dark blue)
  • 11-49 members (medium blue)
  • 2-10 members (light blue)
  • 1 member (pink). 
Please invite your colleagues to join IASP and our SIG. Contact line.caes [at] to inform the SIG of news about pediatric pain in your country.

Join us!

Membership in the Special Interest Group (SIG) is open to members of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP). There are many benefits to IASP membership:


SIG membership costs just US$20 per year in addition to IASP membership.

IASP membership is on a sliding scale ranging from US$50 to US$230 depending on income.

IASP members wishing to join a SIG should indicate their preference on the annual IASP membership renewal form or contact the IASP main office directly: e-mail <iaspdesk [at]>.

Membership in the SIG entitles members to attend the International Symposium on Pediatric Pain at a reduced rate, to receive a newsletter and e-mail notices relevant to pain in childhood, and to volunteer for and vote on leadership of the SIG.

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