Early Career Award

Early Career Award in Pediatric Pain
(formerly called Young Investigator Award)

This award honors an individual who has shown outstanding achievements in pediatric pain research within 10 years after award of their PhD or last postgraduate research degree. Researchers from all disciplines/specialties who are contributing to the field of pediatric pain, and from all geographic regions, are eligible for nomination.

2022 Winner: Line Caes
Dr. Caes completed her PhD, focused on understanding parental responses towards child pain, at Ghent University, Belgium and undertook her postdoctoral training at the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, Canada. She was a lecturer at NUI Galway, Ireland, before taking up her current lectureship at the Division of Psychology, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling. Dr Caes’ research interests concern the social context of acute and chronic paediatric pain experiences. Her research aims to further our understanding of the bidirectional influence between parents and children during painful experiences. Dr Caes is particularly interested in how these bidirectional influences change throughout childhood development, i.e. from pre-school age to young adulthood. She is also passionate about ensuring that our knowledge on the role of social factors in explaining child pain experiences translates into better treatment opportunities for families of a child with chronic pain.

Previous Early Career Award recipients

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Young Investigator Award recipients

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